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How Immigration Compliance Group Can Help You

Immigration Compliance Group works proactively with its clients to provide comprehensive assistance in developing and maintaining best practices necessary to assure compliance with USCIS and Department of Labor regulations. In order to effectively deal with these issues and avoid the very severe consequences for non-compliance, employers must take the time to develop a strategy and be prepared in advance with an Immigration Compliance Program. Immigration Compliance Group will customize such a program for you and will provide onsite or offsite I-9 audit services with follow-up consultation and ongoing employer compliance education.

Immigration Compliance Program

Immigration Compliance Group will customize such a program for you and will provide onsite or offsite I-9 audit services with follow-up consultation and ongoing employer compliance education.

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I-9 Audits

Employers can no longer afford to think that because they don’t hire foreign nationals, they don’t have any I-9 issues or need to comply with I-9 immigration regulations. The I-9 form is required documentation for all US citizens and non-citizens – every single employee must fill out an I-9 Form. In our employer compliance audit practice, we find that every employer has I-9 violations, from minor clerical errors and unintentional mistakes to document discrimination issues due to lack of training on I-9 regulations and document requirements.

The key to I-9 compliance for most organizations starts with a thorough self-examination of existing paper I-9’s, E-Verify submissions (if applicable), standard operating procedures, and past practices. While there are many checklists and do-it-yourself guides and Podcasts available on the Internet and elsewhere, consulting a licensed immigration or employment lawyer who is familiar with I-9 and E-Verify compliance issues can save employers hours of research, provide a solution tailored to the organization and save the employer thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.

You should strongly consider an I-9 audit if:

  1. You’ve had a turnover in the HR position(s) charged with the responsibility of handling and processing I-9 Forms
  2. None of the staff charged with the I-9 process has been formally trained
  3. You already know that you have I-9 document violations, errors and unintentional mistakes
  4. You have recently gone through a corporate reorganization, merger or acquisition
  5. You know you have an on-boarding process that is complex, such as multiple jobsite locations where the I-9 process takes place
  6. When you haven’t documented your I-9 Form policies and procedures in a policy statement or procedures manual
  7. If you have a large volume of foreign worker I-9 forms
  8. If you do not have a tickler system for re-verification or terminated employee retention
  9. If you do not have a centralized I-9 recordkeeping process
  10. If you are photocopying documents presented during the I-9 process for some and not for others
  11. You participate in government contracts and have been asked to perform an I-9 audit
  12. You have not performed a random or full audit within the last year by either an internal individual who is familiar with I-9 compliance rules but does not deal with I-9s on a regular basis, or by a reputable independent I-9 auditor.
  13. You’ve never performed a self-audit or had any outside provider perform an I-9 audit
  14. You do not know how to make corrections to the I-9 form
  15. You’ve received SSA No Match Letters
  16. Your industry is being targeted by ICE
  17. You’re unaware that new I-9 guidance was released by USCIS this year

Immigration Compliance Group regularly represents clients from all industries to develop effective I-9 policies and compliance programs.  By establishing and maintaining effective corporate policies and procedures, many of the above-mentioned warning signs can be addressed proactively in an audit before the government does one for you.

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