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When was the last time your HR reps received I-9 training? Your chances of encountering an I-9 audit have, in reality, skyrocketed because of the enforcement climate we're in coupled with the fact that employers are now charged with the responsibility of policing their workforce. The five federal agencies charged with workplace enforcement are not only going after businesses that are known to employ undocumented workers, but they are also making examples out of industry leaders across the country creating headline news. It goes without saying, that this is now a topic that should be on HR executives' action list.

Our position is, let us do a partial audit of 10% of your workforce to see what the prevalent issues and errors are in your I-9 employee population. Maybe you already know what the common errors are. The next step is to engage in some I-9 training. This can be done conveniently at your jobsite location or remotely. Another important piece to the puzzle is to document your I-9 policies and procedures. This is an item being requested on Notice of Inspections (NOIs) and Subpoenas. Contact us today to discuss what programs you need to implement for a compliant workforce.

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I-9 Training

Immigration Compliance Group is a full service consulting, immigration, and employer compliance organization that is uniquely positioned to assist our clients in developing and maintaining compliant employment practices.  Our talented team offers in-depth I-9 audits, compliance training - both onsite and offsite via Webinar. We perform partial (random) audits that consist of 10% of your employee population I-9’s, and we also perform I-9 audits of your total workforce. We provide our clients with a Report of Findings following the audit and provide specific instructions pertaining to what needs to be corrected on the I-9 forms, and how to go about it.

In our employer compliance practice, we find that most HR employees charged with the I-9 process have little to no formal training. This is extremely risky in today's enforcement climate. We strongly advise that all members of your staff that are charged with handling I-9's be formally trained with yearly refresher courses, and that the employer have an I-9 policy and procedures manual that is required reading for your I-9 staff.

How Immigration Compliance Group Can Specifically Help You

Immigration Compliance Group provides comprehensive I-9 policy review and consulting, step-by-step transition plans, training sessions, self-audit training programs, guidance on how to correct your I-9 forms, assistance in developing new hire procedures, reporting and communications, suggestions for the conversion of historical data, and government audit support services.

Our I-9 Auditing and Compliance Training Programs can be specifically tailored to your needs. We provide the following assistance to employers in our training programs:

Part 1

  • How to achieve overall compliance with Immigration Laws
  • Training on each section of the I-9 form, highlighting the most common mistakes revealed in the I-9 audit results
  • Training on the re-verification of the I-9 Form
  • Review of documents with expiration dates
  • What documents need to be re-verified?
  • I-9 verification "Do's and Don'ts"
  • What are satisfactory documents?
  • Document Examples: Examining/analyzing forensic documents presented for Lists A, B and C
  • To photocopy or not to photocopy the supporting documents for Form I-9
  • Duration of document retention

Part 2

  • Discrimination and Penalties
  • Can you require more or different documents?
  • Consequences

Part 3

  • I-9 Paperwork Violations
  • Document Abuse Discrimination Violations
  • Recent Fines at the high end of the range
  • Fines for unauthorized employment violations
  • Criminal Sanctions

Part 4

  • What to do if ICE knocks on the door
  • What to do when there's a Notice of Inspection (NOI) and a Subpoena
  • What may be inspected
  • What happens if ICE has a Search Warrant

Part 5

  • Government has stepped up immigration enforcement against employers
  • Establish and maintain appropriate policies and safeguards
  • Establish an Employer Immigration Compliance Plan and Procedures Policy
  • Permit the I-9 and E-Verify process to be conducted only by individuals who have received our training
  • Continuous education, commitment and vision

Part 6

  • Going Electronic
  • Electronic I-9's: Do you need it?
  • E-Verify: Pro's and Con's

Our compliance team is also available to implement bi-annual audit programs to review your I-9's and to ensure compliance with the latest requirements and previous company training. We also represent businesses during ICE, Department of Labor or DHS enforcement investigations, and will consult with your in-house legal team and human resources leadership regarding your compliance programs and future needs.

Immigration Compliance Group will design a training program for you and will provide onsite or offsite training, consulting, and document auditing in all of the areas mentioned above.

If you would like to become a client of our office, would like to consult with us or have a Request for Proposal, please give us a call at 1-562-612-3996

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